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directFac through its partnerFac program team provides semi-automatic property capacity. The partnerFac team has a wealth of experience in working directly with customers to tailor program solutions from both a coverage and capacity perspective. Our program clients range from writers of single homogenous lines such as municipalities only, to covering the broad general commercial writings of selected customers. partnerFac programs can address multi-peril risks including Terrorism, Flood and Earthquake. Programs can attach from as low as $1 million and semi-automatic authority can be granted for limits up to $75 million. A key differentiator through working with directFac is our ability to address additional limit needs where required up to a further $50 million through individual certificates.

We believe that the direct working relationship between our clients underwriting team and our underwriters is a time tested benefit to program relationships. partnerFac underwriters work closely at all levels within a customer's organization. We routinely help our clients with difficult or unique risks and over the years have been instrumental in our customer's decisions to expand their appetite by occupancy or region through providing expanded coverage and market intelligence. As we are able to offer individual certificates to cover the highest limits, we can ensure concurrency of terms between layers. We also work with our customers to eradicate any differences in conditions between primary policies and the reinsurance structure. Our clients can address special acceptances, increased limits, or questions on specific risks where the benefit of our experience is helpful in a single phone call. We pride ourselves on offering the most efficient turnaround times in the industry, allowing our clients to run their businesses as seamlessly as possible.

partnerFac technology is a proprietary platform developed for our Program business which allows our customers to process business in a cost effective and efficient manner. The technology platform further allows for risks which fall outside of the parameters of the program to be electronically transferred for special acceptance for immediate turn around. The Program space continues to evolve and a feature of partnerFac's approach is its flexibility surrounding its offerings. By their nature, every customer's needs require expert tailoring and we look forward to the opportunity to discuss your risk transfer needs in the future.

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